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Wind farm maintenance

Our main attention is directed at large wind farms in Läänemaa and Virumaa. We provide maintenance for 3 wind farms and additionally take on various projects on other wind farms all over Estonia. These are the main wind farms we provide with maintenance:

  • Vanaküla 3 x 3 MW
  • Viru-Nigula 8 x 3 MW
  • Aseri 8 x 3 MW
  • Aulepa 16 x 3 MW

See more about our job in a wind farm

See more about our job inside a turbine

Single wind turbine maintenance

In addition to wind farms, we also provide maintenance for smaller single wind turbines. For example, turbines 20-30kW erected on several Estonian islands by the Estonain Coast Guard.

Wind measuring

Measuring the winds during at least twelve consecutive months is an inevitable part of developing a wind farm. To get approval for financing from banks and foundations, the developer must provide the wind measurement data for the area under development. We offer two options:

  • Mast + anemometres. A classical method -  a 99-metre truss mast is erected, equipped with anemometres and wind flags. The advantage of this method is the accuracy, but its cost, longer installation time and the need for permanent power flow can be considered disadvantageous.
  • Sodar. A modern solution - a container, holding an ultrasound device, sun panels and a diesel generator is stationed on the location of the planned wind farm (on the ground, in the water, on the roof, etc). The advantages of this method are the simplicity (no need for construction permit or approval from different authorities), lower installation costs and independence from an additional power source. Sodar enables to measure winds up to 200m above the ground, with the accuracy of 0.1 m/s.
Wind measuring mast Sodar in the sea Sodar on the ground